Dominic Ward

Dominic Ward

Lead - Venture Partnerships


About Dominic

Dominic is the economic man always in search of risk premium.  He spent over ten years working in the capital markets as a research analyst in the financial publishing, rating agency, and hedge fund industries.  He has also spent the last five years on a more entrepreneurial path.  

In 2012, he co-founded Atlas Valley LLC to finance the acquisition of charged-off consumer and commercial accounts receivable.  In 2013, he co-founded Avalon Capital Management, an asset management platform focused on CLO, BDC, and credit hedge fund strategies.  In 2015, he took over the CEO role at, a social commerce startup that operates a mobile marketplace for live event tickets.  

Dominic’s experience is a unique mix of technology startup, financial startup, and institutional finance. He is a graduate of Brown University class of 1997 with a double concentration in Economics and Organizational Behavior and Management.


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