Power Team

The many parts creating brighter futures

Chike Ukaegbu {Founder & Lead Executive - Vision, Strategy & Execution}
Anthony Melendez {Venture Partner}
{Legal Counsel - Startup52}
Lailany Sierra {Lead Coach – Business and Organizational Development}
Kevaughn Isaacs {Lead Designer – Brand & Identity Development}
Kachi Nwaobasi {Lead Engineer – Software and Game Development}
Victor Salciotti {Lead Designer – Business and Design Strategy}
Kayode Bentley {Lead Coach - Wellness & Stability}
David Simpson {Lead Designer – Branding & Identity Development}
Steve Nson {Lead Coach – Pitch & Presentations}
Sean Peters {Lead Engineer – Privacy and Cloud Computing}
Daniel Bahago {Lead Developer – Software}
Steve Buchwald {Mentor & Legal Counsel}
Danish Qasim {Mentor & Sr Communications Manager}
Dominic Ward {Sr Lead - Venture Partnerships}
Mike Ojo {Startup52 Growth & Scalability}

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