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Scholarship Info

Scholarship awards are made to individuals of exceptional entrepreneurial potential throughout the year. The award includes either tuition and/or housing. Do NOT let the cost deter you from applying.

Upcoming Dates

To Be Announced. Check back for updates 

Application Deadline

Rolling. We consider ALL completed applications and award start dates based on space availability.

Tuition & Housing

Tuition and Housing cost is $10,000.


Bootcamp Details


Startup52X Accelerator

Startup52X is our equity based six to ten week acceleration program. There are NO Tuition payments or fees for the acceleration program. However, we invest up to $75,000 on a case-by-case basis, for a 5-10% stake in each venture.



TenZeroEight-S bootcamp is a 6-week startup and small business acceleration program that focuses on grooming participants who can identify global problems, share ideas, find solutions and launch successful enterprises, regardless of background. We provide them expert tutorship, great mentorship and expose them to innovative community of successful entrepreneurs and startups.

TenZeroEight-S bootcamp serves as a platform that brings together and connects global entrepreneurs through creative, innovative, hands-on problem-solving entrepreneurship. We encourage our students to combine knowledge and experiential perspectives in creating solutions from a variety of backgrounds.  

Our programs run throughout the year, some of them with specific focus areas. Admission is highly selective and hinges on Entrepreneurial Potential, Long-term Vision, Analytical Capacity, Contribution to Community, Focus on Excellence.

At the end of the program, startups get a chance to showcase their startups and pitch to investors. Many are also better prepared to apply to accelerators and incubators to further pursue startup growth.


The most important part of your experience is applying. This determines if you get accepted or not. So, spend some time and ensure that your application is the best you have to offer.


Part of your acceptance in to the program means that you have to be prepared to devote those entire six weeks to your venture. It is called TenZeroEight (1008 hours) for a reason. Because of its intensity, it is important to be prepared prior to arriving. Here are some things to do:

1. Read a book on entrepreneurship – Steve Blank has a comprehensive list Here.

2. Draft a strategic plan of action for your startup. It is always good to know what you hope to accomplish by end of bootcamp.

3. Ask questions. Once accepted, you become a full member of the Startup52 family. Feel free to email us with any questions you may have.

4. Arrive atleast TWO days before bootcamp starts.


Your experience at the Bootcamp will probably be like none other. Your daily schedule will run between 10 and 18 hours a day, which means that you will be spending between 60 and 120 hours a week working on your venture.

This practice will expose you to the entrepreneurial rigor required to accomplish results. Besides classes and working in groups and on projects, you will attend networking events, work with businesses and startups, visit accelerators/incubators, interview funded startups, identify and engage potential customers, and pitch your venture daily. There will also be guest speakers and panels to answer questions and provide specialized insights.

Our program has been carefully structured to maintain very high standards while helping you accelerate your venture or pivot early if need be.

At the end, all participants showcase projects and ventures to a group of selected guests, entrepreneurs and investors and receive a Certificate of Accomplishment.

Post Bootcamp

All graduates of our programs and bootcamps automatically join and benefit from being part of a strong and growing alumni network and have access to our networks and resources. We also encourage graduating and graduated students to mentor newer students.

Interested students who purchase packages beyond completed sessions stay on  to complete other paid bootcamp sessions. Others can choose to sign up for the ThirteenFortyFour-PI (Projects & Internship) session. This is an additional 8 weeks of intense grooming with the goal to quickly scale your venture and possibly attract funding. We focus on:

– Building a strong team

– Implementing effective sales and traction strategies

– Scaling and Growth

During this process, each participant is guided to further develop their venture through a growth lens.


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